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Gentle Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Gentle Strategies for Managing Anxiety

“You are not too broken to be healed”


We love to keep our blogs light and fun, but we know that not every day feels that way. We think it’s important to talk about mental health, especially anxiety, which can be an often overlooked but really tough struggle.


We’re not experts, but we’ve definitely had our own experiences with anxiety, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to support friends and loved ones dealing with mental health challenges.


Simple Strategies to Help

Deep Breathing - A tried-and-true method

This is the “3, 4, 5.” Method.

  1. Breathe in for 3 Seconds

  2. Hold for 4 Seconds

  3. Breathe out for 5 seconds

Repeat this as many times as needed.


Using a Deep Breathing method helps for many reasons - Slows down your heart rate, releases tension in your muscles, distracts your mind from your anxious thoughts and brings your back to the present moment, as well as it activates the part of your nervous system that helps you to relax. 



Grounding Technique

Focus on your surroundings.

  1. Name five things you can see

  2. Four things you can touch

  3. Three things you can hear

  4. Two things you can smell

  5. One thing you can taste.

Much like a Deep Breathing method, Grounding Techniques helps with anxiety because it shifts your focus away from anxious thoughts and brings your attention to the present moment.



Positive Affirmations

Repeat calming statements to yourself, such as "I am safe," "I can handle this," or "This feeling will pass."


Positive affirmations helps as they can shift your mindset, improve your self-esteem, and reduce negative thinking.



Move Your Body

We know this one can be a little bit difficult depending on where you are, but it is worth mentioning! Simply take a walk, do some gentle stretches, or engage in light exercise to release built-up tension.


Moving your body helps release hormones that make you feel happy and reduces stress hormones. It also gives your mind a break from anxious thoughts and can make you feel more energetic and accomplished. Whether it's walking, dancing, or doing yoga, physical activity can help calm your mind and body.



Listen to Music, Podcast, or Audiobook

Put on some calming music, your favourite playlist, podcast or audiobook to distract and soothe your mind.



Write It Down

Believe it or not, this is definitely a worth while step in helping to reduce your anxiety. Sometimes your mind can feel so loud, that by putting those thoughts to pen and paper can help soothe your mind and anxiety, as well as see things a little bit more clear.



Talk To Someone - Our personal favourite

When you share your feelings with someone you trust and who listens, it can make you feel less alone and more understood. They might offer helpful advice or just be there to listen, which can make you feel supported and less stressed. Whether it's a friend, family member, or therapist, talking to someone can help you feel calmer and more confident.


We think you deserve a bit of cuteness in your day!


We hope this hasn't been too heavy for your day, but more importantly, we hope that you have learnt a helpful strategy or two to use when you are feeling anxious. If you have any other useful strategies, please feel free to let us know by sending us an email!

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