Frequently asked questions

Can I drink Anxietea if I don’t get anxiety?
Sure you can! And also can we bottle your essence? You sound like one cool cucumber. Anxietea is a complex and delicious drink – a great alternative to your regular caffeinated beverage. It may also help with digestion, so if stress and sleeplessness aren’t getting you down, maybe that burger combo is?

So there’s no caffeine in your teas?
That’s right, nada. If your brain isn’t playing ball on Monday morning, our tea won’t fool it like a 12-shot espresso will (do not drink a 12-shot coffee!) We do think having a tea-making ritual is a great morning motivator, though. You can also have it late into the night with no adverse effects.

Can I drink it all day every day, then?
Well, sure, but your bladder (and maybe your boss) might have a few objections. It’s a diuretic, so you’ll be in the loo as often as the kitchen. Listen to your body, your bladder and (if anything feels weird) your doctor. Everything in moderation as the ancient wisdom goes.

My kid wants some. Is that cool?
As long as it’s at a safe temperature, go right ahead. Serve it cold on a hot day with a wildly curly reusable straw and slices of fruit cut into dinosaur shapes. OK, truth is that’s how we’d rather drink it too.

Cold, you say?
Ice cold. Brew it hot and then chill it down with lots of ice and the magic of refrigeration. When ready to serve, add more ice, some fresh herbs (mint’s good), fresh fruit (lemons, raspberries, yes please) and edible flowers if you’re trying to impress someone.

Will you sell your tea in tea bags? I like tea bags.
We’re sorry, but no. Trust us – this is a good thing! Tea bags are unnecessary waste and most contain plastic. We do sell reusable cotton teabags and a range of tea accessories. They’re easy to use and clean. The calming magic is maximised if you embrace the tea-making ritual.

I want to support local. Where are the ingredients from?
We’re with you all the way. Think global, drink local – right? As much as possible, we choose suppliers from Aotearoa to make our teas. The teas are also lovingly blended by hand right here in Auckland.

The product I want is on pre-order. What does this mean?
A pre-order is a confirmed order for a product that has not yet been released, so you get first dibs. It also means your order will be shipped straight from the release date. .

If one of the items you would like to order is out of stock and there is no pre-order scheduled, please keep an eye on our social media for updates.

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