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Mind-body Connection

Mind-body Connection

“Feel it to heal it”


Mind-body connection is how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical health and vice versa. It shows that our mental well-being can impact our body, and practices like mindfulness can help improve both. 

“The mind-body connection is a two-way relationship where the mind influences the body, and the body influences the mind. Positive thoughts may lead to the release of feel-good neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, while physical sensations (positive or negative) might influence our mental state.” You can find more information here.


We have put together a small list of things you can implement into your everyday life if you would like to focus more on your own mind-body connection.


Mind-body Connection Guide

We know that sometimes these guides can seem repetitive, but we believe that is a good sign that if you give them ago, you will start to see positive impacts within yourself.

1. Set Aside Time: Dedicate regular time each day for mindfulness practices - Remember that if you miss a day, a week, or longer, then that is OK.

2. Find a Quiet Space: Choose a calm environment where you can focus without distractions.

3. Focus on Breath: Start by paying attention to your breath. Notice the sensations as you inhale and exhale - There are some beautiful breathe exercises that you can find on YouTube, for example this one.

4. Be Present: Practice being fully present in the moment, observing thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations without judgment - You can try doing a full body scan, again, something that you can find on YouTube, like this one.

5. Incorporate Movement: Include gentle movements like yoga or tai chi to connect with your body - This is our favourite Yoga channel.

6. Keep a Journal: Record your experiences, insights, and progress to track your journey.

7. Be Consistent: Cultivate a regular practice to deepen your mind-body connection over time.

We hope you enjoy the tasks we have suggested and practices we have linked in this small guide!

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