Anxiety and Depression Toolkit (Ships 27th May)
Anxiety and Depression Toolkit (Ships 27th May)
Anxiety and Depression Toolkit (Ships 27th May)
Anxiety and Depression Toolkit (Ships 27th May)

Anxiety and Depression Toolkit (Ships 27th May)

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Often called 'two sides of the same coin', anxiety and depression are two of the most commonly co-occuring mental health conditions. Fortunately, evidence-based research suggests that these conditions can be treated at the same time, and treated well. This toolkit includes the Anti-Anxiety Notebook for in-the-moment tools to manage stress and anxiety, and the Depression Guidebook to help you develop sustainable strategies for managing depression. Both therapist-approved tools can be used concurrently to support your mental health journey.


The Depression Guidebook
Using the most effective, evidence-based clinical tools, the Depression Guidebook helps you implement 5 distinct strategies for managing depression. These are the most-trusted tools for improving motivation, internal dialogue, and relationships, so you can better cope with and manage the symptoms of depression.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), often considered the "gold-standard" in psychotherapy, The Anti-Anxiety Notebook will teach you the tools to cope and manage your mental health. Made by therapists and using evidence-based, clinically-validated techniques. 

Both products in this bundle are filled with 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience. Hard bound with a flat lay binding, and a divider ribbon to help you keep your place. 

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook (272 pages), The Depression Guidebook (256 pages)


What is the purpose of these workbooks?
The purpose of these notebooks is to help you feel better by guiding you through the tools therapists and researchers consider the most effective for anxiety and depression. They are designed to give you full autonomy; you can start from any section, go in order or not, and pick up whenever and wherever. We hope through these tools you’ll feel empowered to continue showing up for yourself, even when your notebook may not be in reach. 

When should I use these notebooks?
Both products are designed to be helpful no matter where or when you begin—ultimately what’s best is whatever works for you. We do, however, offer the following suggestions: 

Use the Anti-Anxiety Notebook whenever you feel stressed or anxious, whether that’s daily or on an as-needed basis. 

Use the Depression Guidebook more regularly—most sections are recommended to be used for just 5-10 minutes on a daily or weekly basis.

How will these notebooks help my anxiety and depression?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, one of the most widely-used treatments for anxiety, is the foundation upon which other effective, evidence-based treatments were built. These include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Activation, both of which are included in the Depression Guidebook. Through both books, you gain access to 5 of the best tools available through science for anxiety and depression.

Are these notebooks a replacement for therapy?
This publication is not therapy or a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. It is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance for counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Other tools, tips, and reflection questions are also available to help you discover which therapist tools work best for you.

In case you need urgent support, here are some resources.


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